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Arise Ye Saints of Zion – Poem

Arise ye Saints of Zion

Born in covenant, or adopted in

Prepare for millennial splendor

And to sup with lion and lamb


For our noble bridegroom cometh

And we must prepare the way

The signs of the times are warning us

Of that great and dreadful day


Take heed and follow counsel

From the brethren who hold the keys

Their words are to prepare us all

For the day when all shall confess on bended knee


Have we retained in rememberance

He who gave His all for us?

Have we tended our stewardships dutifully

And have we retained His trust?


It is our duty, even our right

To teach, and preach, and testify

To lead our families, friends, and all

To the ordinances of the Lord, for His coming is nigh


Are we among the half of virgins

With oil in our lamps?

Or have we lost the Holy Spirit

And fallen into Satan’s traps?


Gird your loins, fresh courage take

Yes, the days ahead are filled with trials

Temptations, losses, struggle and hurt

All will come to try you and even to defile


But as you choose the right

Lose your will, and do your best

Remember that as long as you retain His spirit

You shall gain eternal rest


Arise ye Saints of Zion

The coming Jesus nears

Shake off Babylon, and prepare most faithfully

So that you needn’t fear

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One thought on “Arise Ye Saints of Zion – Poem

  1. Lindsey on said:

    I LOVE it! It’s beautiful, and inspiring. Sister Snow ain’t got nothing on you! :) It seriously is amazing, and you rock!

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