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Happy Error #404 Page Day!

Obviously such internet phenomenons as Pi Day (March 14th or 3.14) and No Shave November (which an unusually large amount of my Facebook Friends celebrated) has now grown to include Error #404 Day.

I’m not sure that next April 4th I’ll be trolling the internet in honor of this newly founded holiday, but it was fun to find a few great  Error #404 “Page Not Found” pages today. Obviously the one above takes the cake for me. Not only did Deseret Book do a fancy little play on words there, BUT they also used my absolute favorite picture of Brigham Young. I just love Brother Brigham looking all sly and sneaky. He smiled before smiling was even cool in photos. I love that guy!

In honor of the holiday though, since I didn’t put up a tree or hand out candy to random kids in costume, I thought I would share the page above and one other that I found particularly funny.

I’ll avoid comparisons between The Force and The Gospel (or Yoda and President Kimball)…

But Happy Error #404 Day all y’all!

May The Force and The Gospel be with you.

– Stan Way

P.S. Adham Dannaway is an amazing website designer. You should check him out some time for your technological needs. Many thanks to his website for the photo above.

P.S.S. Actually, anyone with “Way” in their last name is kind of awesome. Just sayin’…Have a good day y’all!

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