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A General Conference Word Cloud

I have been meaning to do this since the texts of last week’s conference talks were posted online the other day, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. I kind of enjoy word clouds. I had never seen one until a year ago a blog I follow posted one following General Conference and I thought, “Wow! That is super interesting.” Now I’ll randomly throw things I’m reading into a word cloud generator and be impressed with the themes they pick up on. A word cloud works by picking up on the most oft repeated words in a source text and then throwing them into a random order, the largest words being the words most used in the text and the smaller words being the less repeated words in the source text. This General Conference Word Cloud picked up on the same themes I felt impressed upon me over a week ago.

I love that the word that was most often used, along with “God”, “Christ”, and “Church” was “all”.

I love seeing that “all” so big in the word cloud because what impressed me most about General Conference last week was the overall theme of inviting all to come unto Christ.

Maybe you see something different, and maybe you were taught entirely different lessons, but that’s the magic of General Conference right? That we can all be taught what the Lord would have us learn at this time in our lives. That is so very awesome!

For me though, the theme was to go out and find “the one”, or really the many “ones” in the Church, who for whatever reason we do not see at church on Sundays.

To close I just want to share Bishop Richard C. Edgley’s words as he ended his talk in the Priesthood Session last week.

[O]ur commitment as members of Christ’s true Church stems from the fact that the Lord suffered for every single one of us—the nonmember, the less-active member, even the sinner, and every member in our own family. I believe we can bring thousands to the joy, peace, and sweetness of the gospel, and hundreds of thousands, even millions, in their following generations. I believe we can succeed because this is the Lord’s Church, and by virtue of our priesthood and our membership, we are called to succeed. I bear that witness to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

And I share my amen with his, because we are indeed called to succeed.

– Stan Way

P.S. You can create your own word clouds any time at Word It Out. They’re fun and a good object lesson if you’re ever teaching any group of people.

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