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Latter-day Saint Volunteering

I love infographics. I feel sometimes like I probably have an undiagnosed case of ADHD with a side note of OCD, but they have this great way of drawing in my attention with their bright colors and informational pictures. When someone, such as myself, sets out to study something it is usually rather hard because we get so easily distracted…

That’s not my point though (see, I’m scatterbrained!)…

I love infographics because they can teach us so much at just a glance. The Church has came out with some really great one lately, but I saw this one yesterday and instantly fell in love with it. So I thought I would share it with y’all. Have a great day! And hey, go and do some service if you’ve got a chance…

If the picture is fuzzy for some reason on your viewing device (phone, tablet, PC, or other) simply click on the picture for a full-sized view.

If you’re not a Mormon and would like to learn more about us crazy-service-oriented-people, please just click here.

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