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True To the Faith

From the Juvenile Instructor Vol. 60 No. 5

By Wm. A. Morton

True to the faith that our parents have cherished,
True to the truth for which martyrs have perished,
To God’s command, soul, heart and hand,
Faithful and true we will ever stand.”

The Wilson family had assembled in the parlor of their comfortable home, to spend an hour together in what had come to be known in the household as “Home Evening.” They had sung the song “True to the Faith” and Jack, the twelve-year-old son, who had been ordained a Deacon the previous Sunday, had offered prayer. For the little folks, Mrs. Wilson had read an interesting story from the Juvenile Instructor, and it was now the father’s turn to take part on the program.

“The song we sang this evening,” said Mr. Wilson, reminds me of a young woman who embraced the Gospel in London many years ago. Her parents were well-to-do people, her father being a retired English merchant!

“A ‘Mormon’ missionary called at the home one afternoon and left two Gospel tracts. A week later he called again. He was invited in by the father of the young woman of whom I speak, who, after asking him a number of questions, denounced him as an impostor, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and ordered him out of the house.

“When the missionary had left, the daughter, a young woman about 20 years of age, said to her father: Father, it seems to me that your conduct was very un-Christianlike. The’ Mormon missionary acted far more like a true disciple of Christ than you did. I don’t believe you know anything about the ‘Mormons’ or their religion.’

” ‘And, pray, what do you know about them ?’ asked the father, angrily.”I know that the doctrine they teach is true,” the young woman replied.

“I have read the tracts they left with us ; I have compared them with the Gospel taught by Christ and his Apostles, and if the latter taught the true plan of salvation, the ‘Mormons’ teach it.’ ” ‘We will let the matter drop right here,’ said the father as he turned and left the room.

“The following Sunday evening there was a stranger at the meeting of the Saints—the young woman I have been telling you about. She attended regularly about three months. One Sunday evening, when the elders and Saints of the branch were assembled in public worship, the door of the room opened and a man entered. His face was deathly pale and he trembled with excitement. He was the young woman’s father. Pointing to his daughter, he commanded her in a stern voice to come with him. The young woman, terribly humiliated, arose and followed her father out of the meeting room.

“Scarcely a word was spoken on the way home, but on their arrival there the father flew into a rage, called the ‘Mormons’ vile names, and told his daughter that if she ever attended another ‘Mormon’ meeting he would turn her out of home, and not only that, but would disown and disinherit her.

“The young woman tried to reason with her father, but he refused to listen to her. Rising to her feet, she said : ‘Father, I am going to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints even if it costs me my life. I love truth dearer than anything else in the world. Mormonism is true, and for it I am prepared to make any sacrifice.’

“Given her choice between a good home, an inheritance and her new found faith, the young woman chose the latter. That decision cost her the loss of a good home and a fortune also. Turned out of doors by her irate
father, she was taken in by a family of Saints. She obtained a position as domestic servant, saved her earnings, and two years later emigrated to Utah. Three years later she was married and is now the mother of seven fine children, one of whom was ordained a Deacon last Sunday.”

Just then a gentle sob was heard; mother was in tears. The children looked at each other in astonishment, and then exclaimed : “Why, that young woman is mother.” They flew to her, entwined their arms around her neck and almost smothered her with kisses. Jack gave expression to the feeling that was in the heart of all when he said : “Thank God for such a true, noble mother!”

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