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Welcome to Spring by Emmeline B. Wells

Emmeline B. Wells, journalist, editor, poet, women's rights advocate, diarist, and fifth General President of the Relief Society.

O, BEAUTEOUS SPRING! fragrant of leaf and bloom,
Nature with myriad welcomes hails thy birth;
Thou breath’st and lo ! a rich and sweet perfume
Rises like incense from the gladdened earth.

O, gentle spring; thy presence everywhere,
Renews the life-pulse, e’en in earth’s cold heart,
And from its bosom, buds and blossoms fair,
In rich profusion, all spontaneous start.

Whence come ye fairy- footed, gay with flowers?
Lightly ye tripped o’er mountain, hill and plain;
The song birds herald thee from Eden’s bowers
And sweetest music vishers in thy reign.

Birds trill their notes till answ’ring echoes ring
From wood, and glen, and fountain’s mellowed flow
And mortal hearts a silent offering bring,
And bathed in sunlight, nature’s landscapes glow.

And hope springs up afresh in saddened lives;
Dark clouds disperse and heaven again is clear
The tenderest trust and confidence revives,
For spring has come and beautified the year.

Thou com’st a harbinger from courts above,
That we may realize God’s promises are sure;
Thou scatterest blessing all replete with love,
And giv’st us faith earth’s trials to endure.

Hail, blessed type of morn, whose roseate light.
Shall bring the tidings of a holier birth —
The Resurrection, by which power and might,
The sleeping millions will be ushered forth.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It has been said of Alabama weather, “If you don’t like it, just wait until tomorrow.” And that has been evident more than ever during the past month here in Dixieland. We’ve gone from humid and near 90°, to down near freezing and frigid with 35MPH winds. Today was a welcome respite though as the sun came out, the sky shined beautifully, and the temperature reminded me of everything I love about Spring in the South.

Yes, this part of Zion may be unique in every single way possible, but I love Alabama the Beautiful.

Not a cloud in the sky today.


My good pal Brigham. I wore him out playing fetch, or he never would have sat still for a photograph.

The above poem comes from Musings and Memories Page 28; Emmeline B. Wells, 1915, published by The Deseret News.

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