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Testimonies for the Truth – Part Two

The other day I started sharing Brother Benjamin Brown’s amazing conversion story with Testimonies for the Truth – Part One. Go ahead and catch up there, and then enjoy this second installment of an amazing life story.



An Original Copy of “Testimonies for the Truth”.

I was not baptized directly, as I hoped to have the pleasure of seeing my wife comply with the same ordinance, when we could enter the Church together. In the meantime I prosecuted my inquiries.

Shortly after inquiring of the Lord concerning the truth of the judgments preached by the Latter-day Saints as being at hand, and impending over this generation, I was shown, in answer, by a vision, the various scenes described in the revelations of the ancient prophets. The inhabitants of the earth appeared before me in their various occupations–plowing, sowing, fishing, and engaging in mechanical business. I saw them, under the infliction of the plagues, etc., lift their eyes towards heaven, curse God, and die. I also saw many other things as predicted by ancient prophets. Thus do I know the truth of the Bible, as well as of the Book of Mormon, and I am a witness for both!

A whole year and a half I deferred my baptism, still waiting for my wife, who, although at first favorable to “Mormonism,” had become a determined enemy to the Church. When I went to hear the “Mormons” preach at Westfield, a village where the Twelve Apostles were holding their first conference, curiosity had drawn great numbers to hear them, so that they had crowded meetings all the time.

The second day of this conference, I, with four others, was baptized by Elder McLellin, and confirmed the same night. While undressing on the bank of the creek, preparing for the ordinance, Satan made a last effort to prevent my entering the Church. A man coming along by the waterside came up to me and said, “I wish to speak to you for a few minutes before you go into the water.” Thinking of course that he was a friend, or a member of the Church, who intended to give me some instruction as to my behavior when in the water, I listened to him, and, having got me to retire some rods off, he said, “Have you heard what has come out?” “No,” I replied, “what about?” “Why,” he continued, “concerning the Mormons, it has been discovered that it is all an imposture, a regular hoax to deceive the people. The affair has just come to light. If you wait only a little, you’ll hear all about it.” At first this completely stunned me, for I was listening very attentively, considering him one of the Church, and for a moment I began to question, but quickly recollecting the manifestations I had received, I told him he was a child of the devil, and I pushed past him to the water, and was baptized at once. This was on the 15th of May, 1835.

My wife, who had managed to be present when I was going to the water, and even threatened that she would not live with me, was, for a long while after, perhaps a year and a half, bitterly opposed to the work, but I knew from the Lord that she would come into the Church, and I told her so. As the way she was at last brought in was very curious, I will mention it. She dreamed one night that a large company of visitors had come to her house, for whom she had to prepare supper. On going into her buttery to procure the necessary food to cook, she could only find a small potato, about the size of a robin’s egg, lying on a wooden trencher. However, with this small stock, she commenced, and by some wonderful means converted this little affair into a splendid preparation of pies, puddings, etc. When they were ready, she stood still, wondering how it had all been done, for, as may be supposed, it puzzled her sorely to conceive how, from a little potato, and that on a wooden trencher, she had produced such an elegant entertainment. Just at this moment, while she was thus marveling, I was awakened from my sleep, with a command sounding in my ears that I was to say to my wife, “don’t you remember hearing that you should not despise the day of small things?” I was to speak at once, without waiting. So I awoke her, and without any preface did as I was bid.

The wonderful concurrence of these words with her dream, and the self-evident interpretation of it, referring as it did to her past conduct, (for one of the principal reasons of the opposition she felt to my joining the Church was, that she considered it disgraced her to have her husband belong to a Church that was so poor, and everywhere spoken against,) so impressed itself upon her mind, with other confirmations, that she was baptized, and has remained firm to the Church ever since.

When I had been in the Church about three months, I was ordained an elder, under the hands of Jared Carter. The next day, I, with my wife, went up to Kirtland, to visit the Saints living there. After a very happy time, during which the Book of Doctrine and Covenants was first presented to the Church, we started for home. While on the lakes, I was attacked by one of the lake fevers prevalent there, and became very ill indeed. I was, however, taken home and put to bed. The same day, two elders of the Church called in to see me, and, finding I was in such a condition, they laid their hands upon me. Whilst their hands were yet upon my head, I felt the disease remove from my body, commencing at the pit of my stomach, moving gradually upward towards the hand of the elders, and I was made perfectly whole. The same day, I was out at work milking my cows, and went round to invite my neighbors to hear the preaching in the evening. This was the first case of healing I had ever witnessed.

The succeeding winter, I again went up to Kirtland, to attend the dedication of the temple, and to meet with the solemn assembly that was there convened. There the Spirit of the Lord, as on the day of Pentecost, was profusely poured out. Hundreds of elders spoke in tongues, but many of them being young in the Church, and never having witnessed the manifestation of this gift before, felt a little alarmed. This caused the Prophet Joseph Smith to pray the Lord to withhold the Spirit. Joseph then instructed them on the nature of the gift of tongues, and the operation of the Spirit generally. We had a most glorious and never-to-be-forgotten time. Angels were seen by numbers present, and the first endowments were received. It was during this assembly that the Saints’ favorite hymn was given by inspiration, commencing–

“The Spirit of God, like a fire, is burning!
The latter-day glory begins to come forth;

The visions and blessings of old are returning,

The angels are coming to visit the Earth.”

The beauty and applicability of this hymn will be seen by the Saints, on reading the third and fourth verses, when it is recollected that this was a solemn assembly, and that the ordinance of washing of feet, etc., was just then being attended to.

It was also at this time that Elijah the Prophet appeared, and conferred upon Joseph the keys of turning the hearts of the fathers to the children, previous to the reinstitution of the ordinance of baptism for the dead.

By this time, most of the members of the Pomphret [Pomfret] Branch, into which I had been baptized, were gathered up to Kirtland, the first gathering-place of the Saints; and I was left without anyone to counsel or direct me as to the way in which I should devote my labors in spreading the principles of truth, when one day the Word of the Lord, by the power of the Spirit, came unto me, saying, “I have fourteen sheep in Portland: go and gather them; then go south, where I have twenty-two more, and gather them also.” I then began to preach for the first time, and for that purpose procured the school-room in Portland, and, through my friends, circulated a notice that I was going to preach. This gathered a small congregation of some thirty or forty people. At the time appointed I stood up to address them. As soon as I rose on my feet and looked on the congregation, the dream which I had had five years before, but which I had entirely forgotten, flashed across my recollection–there was the identical room I had seen with the very people and children, just in those positions in the place that I had described them to my wife years before, when I informed her that I dreamed I was called to preach the gospel! This was summer time.

I continued preaching at Portland until the winter came on, when, having baptized a few out of the place, they met at my house at Pomphret, on the Sundays, and on the week days I extended my labors in the south. As I was told, I found just fourteen in Portland, willing to obey the gospel, and by no exertion of mine could I get anymore; I also obtained, in the south, the twenty-two previously spoken of, but it was a year and a half before I completed the number.

Not long after receiving the office of elder, I was called to lay hands on a sister named Crowell, in Chautauque County, New York, who was afflicted with a cancer. Her life was despaired of by herself and all her neighbors, when she sent to me, and I was told to come that night if I wished to see her alive! Not being able to go then, I prayed the Lord to give her a good-night’s rest. I visited her in the morning, and found that she had had a better night’s rest than usual. I found her head, where the cancer had broken out, a dreadful sight, full of cancer worms, which were eating into the scull, three pieces of which had come out! I anointed her head with oil, and prayed the Lord in her behalf, and, being obliged, left immediately to attend to my hay. The next time I saw her was the following Sunday, when I met her at the meeting. She pulled off her cap, and showed me her head. It was entirely healed, and the flesh was as sound as ever. She said that within half an hour after my administering to her, she felt all the pain, which had previously been intense, and, to use her expression, “like a thousand gimlets boring into her brain,” leave her entirely, and the wound healed up rapidly.

The Saints that I gathered at Portland, and that met at my house, were richly blessed with the various gifts of the Spirit–tongues, interpretations, prophecy, etc. I will relate an instance or two. One Sunday morning, while opening the meeting with prayer, the gift of tongues came upon me, but thinking of Paul’s words, that it is sometimes wisdom not to speak in tongues, unless one is present who can interpret, and forgetting that a sister, possessing the gift of interpretation, was present, I quenched the Spirit, and it left me. Immediately, another brother broke out in tongues, the interpretation of which was, that, “the Lord knew we were anxious to learn of the affairs of our brethren in Missouri, and that if we would humble ourselves before him, and ask, he would reveal unto us the desires of our hearts.” Missouri was some thousand miles from Portland. We accordingly bowed again in supplication before the Lord, and, after rising from our knees, and reseating ourselves, the same brother broke out singing in tongues, in a low, mournful strain. But judge our feelings when the interpretation was given, and was found to be some thirteen or fourteen verses of poetry, descriptive of affairs in Missouri, the murder of our brethren there, and telling us that just at that time–

“Our brethren lay bleeding on the ground,

With their wives and children weeping around.”

We had so often proved the truth of similar communications, that we felt as assured of the truth of this shocking news, as though our eyes actually beheld the horrid sight. Our hearts were filled with sorrow. In a fortnight afterwards, we received a letter from John P. Green, a faithful elder of the Church in Missouri, who was, at the time he managed to write, secreted in the woods. The letter detailed and confirmed all the events previously revealed in tongues, proving that on the very day we had been informed of the transactions occurring a thousand miles off, the bleeding corpses of our brethren lay stretched on the ground after the slaughter. It was either at or about this time, that the massacre at Haun’s Mill took place.

When Elders Orson Hyde and Heber C. Kimball visited England, on the first mission to this country, and while we were yet ignorant of their success, it was revealed in tongues, at this same branch, that, just at the time we had the gift, these elders were standing with a multitude round some waters, attending to the ordinance of baptism. Information afterwards received from England confirmed this statement in all its parts.

Such things as these, oft repeated, confirmed our faith, and, I ask, is it wonderful, possessing such evidences that the Lord was with the Church, as those mentioned in the previous narrations, that neither reproach, drivings, burnings, robbings, nor even murderings, should be able to quench our love for the truths which had gained us such blessings? There was not a branch in the whole of the Church that did not possess abundance of such testimonies! Here in these and the following statements is the testimony of one individual only. But could I crowd into this little work all that I have witnessed of the kind, and then add to it the collected testimonies of the thousands in America alone, leaving out Europe altogether, it would present a flood of testimony of a mightier and more conclusive kind than has been given to authenticate any truth ever submitted to the world.

But priestly and secular opposers of “Mormonism” may ask, “How is it that we do not have such manifestations to convince us, and make true-hearted believers of us henceforth and forever?” The reason is this–where the “love of the truth” does not exist, no miraculous manifestation could impart it! and therefore none is given! The Lord wants the meek and humble in his Church, and where persons are not so he would not stir the leaves of a summer flower to induce them to join his people!

Many come, with their hearts buckled up to the highest point of resistance, before the elders of this Church, bitterly opposed to its truths, interfering as they do with popular creeds, endeared by custom, and many times coming in contact with something more beloved still–self-interests! and while under these feelings, which would lead such men to condemn anything as false which did not give them the evidences of power they asked for, or, if given, to attribute such evidences to the devil, those men require the Lord to be supplicated for some exertion of his power that they may be convinced! Are they worth it? Would they repay the trouble? Would untempered clay ever be fit to make a vessel of beauty? Never! Good materials, in the hands of a clever workman, may produce a perfect work, but bad never will, whether the workman be skillful or not. For should such characters, by the notoriety or influence of a miracle, be led to join this Church, not possessing that wholehearted love for truth, which would lead them to receive and advocate it, be its form or nature whatever it might, they are consequently without the necessary stability requisite to enable them to stand the shocks of prejudice and prior education, to which all are liable in a Church blessed with revelation!

The continually unfolding treasures of wisdom and knowledge, which have been hid up in Christ Jesus, the almighty contrast between the measures and notions of a God, and the puny, men-imposed ideas of the present time, would, most surely, sooner or later, prove too great for the contracted belief of such creatures, and from bosom friends they would turn to bosom enemies of the Church. What is the plain English of the above? Just this–all whose minds are not entirely open to conviction of truth, and filled with a determination to embrace it, come from wherever or in whatever fashion it may, even should it involve the renunciation of favorite creeds, or the loss of friends or salaries, are politely requested to “stand off,” and keep out of the way of this Church! The Lord does not want them, neither do his servants–their mission is to others! Intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence, wisdom receiveth wisdom, and truth embraceth truth–this is a true principle, and the one by which the honest will be found out!

What is the object of my writing such things, then? Firstly, that the Lord’s mercies may not go wholly unrecorded; and secondly, that those who are willing to believe in a revelation-giving God, may find their faith strengthened, until they obtain a knowledge that God is now as anciently, that he has neither lost the ability nor the will to prove the eternal sameness of his character in these respects!

One of the fourteen persons converted at Portland, was a young man, named Jesse W. Crosby, and, as he is well-known to many in England, having since been president of one of the British conferences, and as it may prove interesting to many of the Saints, I will relate something that particularly affected him, occurring in his history.

He had been engaged with his brother, and brother-in-law, in felling trees in a wood, in an adjoining township. These three had felled some trees, and as they were standing very thick, one had, in falling, struck another, and broken off one of its limbs, which hung suspended by the other branches. It is a very common thing in forest country to see dry detached limbs hanging in this way for months, and sometimes years, without falling. This one was about ten or eleven feet long, and as thick as a man’s thigh, and very high up the tree. Some of these trees grow from a hundred to a hundred and fifty feet high, and seventy feet above the ground before a single branch is found. Not apprehending danger, Jesse was working without his hat, just under this branch. Suddenly, a movement caused by the wind shook the tree, and the loose branch fell from a height of at least sixty feet, striking him on the crown of his head, crushing him to the earth. The violence of the blow broke in a portion of his scull, forming a hollow about as large as the palm of a man’s hand. His neck and shoulders were also much injured. Altogether, a more deplorable object I never saw in my life.

He was carried home by his friends, most of whom were members of the Church, and his father, who was not a member, procured a doctor, who pronounced Jesse’s case desperate, unless, on removing the broken part of the scull, it should be found that the skin of the brain was still entire, when, by using a silver plate over the exposed portion, a chance might still exist of his life. The doctor proceeded to cut into Jesse’s head for that purpose, but was stopped by his mother, who strongly objected to this experiment, and sent for me to administer to him. I was then eight miles off, and at the time of my arrival he had not spoken, nor scarcely indicated any signs of life. Going into the room where he lay, I found it filled with the neighbors, who were mostly enemies of the Church. Sneers and jeers of “Here comes the Mormon, we’ll soon see whether he can heal now,” saluted my ears on all sides.

From a sign which I had received while on my way, I knew Jesse would recover, and being minded, on account of the reason given in the previous remarks, that such characters should not be privileged to behold a manifestation of the power of God, I, like Peter of old, cleared the house of all but Jesse’s relatives, and administered to him in the name of the Lord. Jesse then recovered sufficiently to speak, after which he fell into a peaceful sleep, and, before morning, was altogether better. In less than four days, from the time of receiving this terrible accident, from which there seemed no human probability that he could recover, or, if he did, only to survive the loss of reason, he was again at work in the woods, hauling timber, the wound being entirely healed up. Since then, he, as an elder of this Church, has been on missions to various parts of the world, including England, and has lately fulfilled a mission to Nova Scotia. The above case of healing occurred in the winter.

Another very remarkable case of prophecy and healing came under my observation the following spring. A revelation was given by the Spirit, in tongues, to the effect, that one of our number would be poisoned by the enemies of the Church, and be brought nigh to death, but that if she was faithful and sent for the elders of the Church, she should be restored.

This warning was repeated twice at intervals of about a month. On the last occasion, in addition, it was stated that the person giving the interpretation would be the sufferer. This terrible idea so affected her, that she was completely overcome. After recovering, she proceeded home, and the weather being warm she drank of some sweetened water, which she had prepared in the morning, and had left in an exposed situation, for use. When she had done this the second time, she felt her mouth burn. She immediately declared she was poisoned, and commenced reaching (wretching) violently until she became blind. Her husband, after procuring a person to stay with her, left for one of the elders, but as he had to go some six miles before he returned with myself, she was, to all appearance, dead, and had not been perceived to breathe for an hour.

Upon arriving at the house, I asked the Lord to cause her to breathe, if she was to recover. Upon looking at her closely, I perceived that she gave two distinct gasps, such as are usually given when the breath is leaving the body. Had I not seen this, I should have concluded that she was dead, for the women who were watching with her said, directly we entered, that she was dead, and had been so an hour. I then administered to her in the name of Jesus, and prayed the Lord to preserve her life till my son-in-law returned with some oil which he had gone to procure. As soon as I had done this, she was able to speak sufficiently, in a whisper, to ask for some water, but so great was her weakness, she fell over on her face when raised to receive the water. The oil arriving, we administered some to her internally, in the name of the Lord, when she arose without assistance, saying, “I am healed! I am well! but I am blind!” I then anointed her eyes, telling her that she should see the light of the day. Her sight immediately returned, and the next day, she, with her husband, was on her way to Illinois.

The cause of her going there so suddenly was that it had been given in tongues, directly after her recovery, that unless her husband departed at once from that place, both of them would be poisoned! With what had just occurred before their eyes, they needed no second warning this time. This was the same woman that was healed of the cancer, and she is now, I believe, in the valley of the Great Salt Lake.

Such things as these are “testimonies for the truth!” What truth? may be asked. Why, the truth that Jesus is the Christ, for he said that such things should follow his believers; and this is my witness that they have followed me. But if Jesus had been the impostor that infidels declare he was, would these signs have followed? No! Then these things are testimonies for that truth. They are also testimonies for the truth of “Mormonism,” and a witness that the Latter-day Saints are true believers in Christ, for he never promised these signs would ever follow any but those who are true believers.

Many persons who “have the form of godliness, but deny the power thereof,” argue, as a reason why the signs should not follow the believer, and as a justification for themselves not possessing the signs, that “if the miraculous signs had followed from the days of the Apostles to the present time, they would have been so common, that they would have ceased to be miracles, and therefore could not have been considered as an evidence of the truth of any system.” Such people argue as if the more seldom an experiment is tried, the more it will prove!

Suppose I exhibit a piece of ice to an Indian, who has never beheld such a thing before, and I tell him that it can be dissolved by heat. I lay it before the fire in his presence, and he sees it turn into a liquid. Well, this is a miracle to him, and he knows that I taught him a truth. Now if I repeat the experiment, will he not be more sure of this than ever? “Certainly,” you say. Then what would you think of a man who should argue, that “if the Indian was to stop long enough with me to see the operation a thousand times, it would become so common that it would cease to demonstrate the principle that ice can be dissolved by heat? Such an argument would be laughed at as absurd. But is it more absurd than to say, that “if the signs had followed in all ages, those signs would have been so common, that they would have ceased to be, to those who witnessed them,” evidence of the truth of the system by which they were possessed. No man in his senses would believe such an argument, though he might allow that the rarity or novelty of such things would cease.

Two added to two will make four, if done by the schoolboy for the first time, and will do so just as much if performed by an aged accountant, who has done it a thousand times before. If believing in Jesus, and complying with his ordinances, when attended to aright, obtained the signs which demonstrated the truth of the gospel, eighteen hundred years ago, and the same had been repeated until the signs had become as common as pebble stones, the last time the signs followed they would have proved just as much as at the first. For if such things occurring in one age of the world were a monument to the truth of the gospel, when the same things are repeated every succeeding age, it but extends and strengthens that monument until it will become so firmly established, that no blasts of infidelity, or power of time, will be able to remove the monument from its place, but must leave it an eternal record of the truth to which it testifies.

The signs spoken of include the casting out of devils. This recalls to my remembrance something of the kind which occurred at the Pomphret Branch, previous to which I had had but very little experience as to what may be termed the physical power of the devil. I was then far from the body of the Church, consequently what I learned I had to find out by experience, having no one to tell me. The case was that of a sister, who was possessed, and whom I, with two other elders, was called upon to visit. Directly we entered her room, she called out, “Take your shoes from off your feet, this is holy ground, the Prophet Elijah is here.” I saw the spirit by which she was influenced, so I walked up to her and said, “I am a servant of the Lord, I obey no command of the devil.” She became uproarious directly, for all who had gone in previously, had complied with her directions.

As soon as we attempted to rebuke the evil spirit, in the name of the Lord, she arose up from the bed, on her feet, without apparently bending a joint in her body, stiff as a rod of iron. From this we saw the power with which we had to contend; and, failing at first to eject the spirit, we bowed ourselves in prayer before the Lord, and asked him to assist us. The evil spirit then came out full of fury, and as he passed by one of the brethren, seized him by both arms, and gripped them violently, [For similar instances of power see Elder Kimball’s Journal.] and, passing towards me, something which by the feel appeared like a man’s hand, grasped me by both sides of my face, and attempted to pull me sideways to the ground, but the hold appearing to slip I recovered my balance immediately. My face was sore for some days after this. The other brother that was seized was lame for a week afterwards.

As soon as this was done, the sister partially recovered, so much so that she obeyed anything I chose to tell her to do, whereas before she was perfectly ungovernable. Still she seemed to be surrounded by some evil influence. This puzzled us, for we knew the spirit was cast out, but we learned the cause afterwards. Just then it was revealed to us that if we went to sleep, the devil would enter one of the brethren. My nephew, Melvin Brown, neglected the warning, and composed himself to sleep in an armchair, whilst we were still watching with the sister. Directly he did so, the devil entered into him, and he became black in the face, and nearly suffocated. He awoke immediately, and motioned for us to lay hands on him, for he could not speak. We did so, and the evil spirit then left him, and he recovered at once.

About a week afterwards the same spirit reentered the sister, and this time fully confessed his character. In answer to our inquiries, he said his name was “Legion.” This explained how it was that the woman, after we had cast out an evil spirit, was under an evil influence, for there must have been many spirits. [See case of Mary Magdalene.–Mark xvi, 9. The Lunatic.–Mark v.] He also reviled our priesthood, but he had to submit to it at last, saying to us, “O! you have the priesthood, have you? Well, then cast me out, command me to come out,” trying to shake our faith, and thus incapacitate us to rebuke him successfully. Failing in this, he tried another method by entering me. I felt seized by a strange influence, and to every question put to the woman, I knew the answer she was going to give, for I was possessed by a similar spirit. This broke the chain of our union and strength, consequently I requested the elders to rebuke the evil spirit from me, after which, at our united rebuke, he left the woman.

Previous to this, the sister had been a very faithful Saint, and she ever afterwards was, but she had given the devil ground by encouraging a spirit contrary to the order of the Church, taking upon herself to rebuke the elders, and he claimed his right by virtue of her transgression. No doubt one object of the Lord’s permitting him to exercise his physical power was to give me experience of such facts, without which I never could have known; but I, like many others who may read this record, might have argued my ignorance of such things, as a proof that they did not exist except in imagination. By “physical power” is meant such power as was manifested in the case of the man mentioned in the Gospels, who “could not be bound even with chains,” so great was the strength of the devil by which he was possessed. I know very well that this religious generation are so fearful lest anyone should suppose there is any resemblance between their faith and practice, and those of the ancient church, that, after most vigorously asserting that “Apostles, Prophets, and other similarly inspired men, are done away; revelations are done away; visions are done away; tongues and prophecy are done away; healings and miracles are done away;” and, in a word, all external manifestations of the Holy Ghost, or the power of God, devils are added to this list of “done aways,” and forsooth we are to rejoice and be exceeding glad.

Happy generation! Shall we say, where ignorance is bliss, `tis folly to be wise? They practically say it for themselves. What! they, “living in the blaze of gospel light, troubled with devils!” It is true that even now, sometimes, some are seized with strong afflictions called fits, which make them wallow on the ground, gnash their teeth, foam, tear their hair off their heads, and display such miraculous strength, that a dozen people cannot sometimes hold one person while under these strange affections. But what of that? Who but poor deluded “Mormons” would attribute such things to the power of the devil? May we ask what else they are caused by? Oh, they are caused by fits. Yes, but what are fits? “Why fits are–that is to say, we don’t know what they are, except that they are fits.” And this is all we can be told about the matter.

Then again, there are certain people called “madmen,” who, generally, previous to their having “the disease,” are quiet-going people enough, possessing no more bodily strength than anybody else, but who, through some “affection of the mind,” have increased their bodily strength to such an extent, that they have to be manacled–bound with cords and fetters, and put in great houses, where the windows have to be barred with iron, to protect them. “But these people are not possessed of devils, their brains are affected.” Indeed, their brains are affected, as well as many other parts of their bodies, when the devil gets possession of them.

We are told these are mysteries. They were no mysteries anciently! But this generation, despising revelation as being requisite now, have lost the key of knowledge, and are consequently surrounded by phenomena which they cannot understand. And if the Bible does not happen to say anything about them, as such persons have no hope that God will, they are quite contented to die ignorant.

End of Chapter II

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