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The life and views of a Latter-day Saint in the 21st Century…

An Example to Us All

Have you ever heard of Spencer Zimmerman?

Well good. He probably wouldn’t want you to know who he is anyways. But young Spencer is an amazing young man, and a fine example for us all. I won’t say much by way of introduction for the video below. However, I will say that the power of Priesthood Keys is very real. A Deacon’s Quorum President holds keys that enable a young boy to reach out and know whom the Lord would have him serve. And although we don’t all hold Priesthood Keys, we still have the ability to seek out and find those who could use a little help in their daily lives.

Spencer has been Dayton’s legs for him.

I promise there’s someone out there for us to lift up and carry. Spiritually or physically, it does not matter. We need only seek out and find the opportunities to serve. We won’t have to look far. People need lifted all around us.

Whose legs can we be today?

– Stan

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