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My Personal Views on Same-Sex Marriage

The ABC News Exclusive that rocked the world today.

Today was a regular day. I was visiting with my mother when the television screen showed that an Exclusive ABC News special report was coming on. “What’s this?” I thought to myself. “It must be important to broadcast in the middle of the day and interrupt the soap operas.”

This is what I saw.

Diane Sawyer, who was anchoring the live breaking broadcast, was entirely correct when she said, “This is an historic political and cultural moment in this country.”

Today, for the first time in the history of our nation, a sitting President declared his support for same-sex marriage.

As I watched the breaking news I was greatly saddened.

I could go into great depth and detail of why I believe what I do, but as a Christian and a Latter-day Saint, I feel there isn’t great need for an exhortation of doctrine. But I will share the basics.

I believe that marriage is ordained of God between a man and a woman. It is a religious ceremony, and sacrament, and has been since the beginning of time. I am entirely opposed to same-sex marriage. This does not make me a bigot. It simply means that I sustain what the Holy Bible teaches regarding marriage.

I declare emphatically that those in the LGBT should have every legal right that the rest of us have. There should be zero discrimination. They should have equal rights under the laws of the land because our Constitution says so, and because it is morally right to treat others with respect. And I believe we should allow civil unions to guarantee that there are benefits for the partners in a LGBT relationship.

However, marriage is a religious institution. It is the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, in which they become husband and wife. And I do not believe we can redefine marriage just because a segment of society wishes it to be. Calling a carrot a pear does not make the carrot a pear, it only means we have confused future generations of knowing what a carrot or a pear really are. A carrot is a carrot and a pear is a pear, and holding votes to change the names of the two does not change what they really are.

I’ve shared before my great love for many people who are part of the LGBT community. And I count some of my dearest and closest friends as members of that community. Do I want them to have legal rights and enjoy their lives together? Yes. But I cannot let my voice be silent on the subject of same-sex marriage.

I realize my personal opinions and beliefs may not be popular to many in society. And I am aware that stating so publicly where I stand on such a hotbed issue may cost me personally with some of my closest associates. However, I believe this is a defining moment in the history of our nation, and I cannot stand idly by as the “good news” of  the announcement of today spreads across the airwaves. Frankly, I was saddened to see many media outlets this afternoon convey messages of support for the President’s new-found stance. An unbiased media has always strengthened our nation. A biased media may help lead to its destruction.

For those who believe as I do, it is a time to stand up and declare simply where you stand. It is not a time to be shy and meek in your personal beliefs. Nor is it a time to be bigoted or hateful to others. In saying why he changed his mind on this issue, President Obama cited his Christian faith and the Golden Rule. And because of my same respect and honor for such the Golden Rule, I fear that in this moral and political debate many words of unkindness will be shared by those with differing opinions.

Today was a historic day. And this debate and battle are nowhere near to being over. In fact, I am sure we shall hear it for days, weeks, and years to come. Luckily we live in a democracy, and The People will eventually be the ones who makes the choices regarding same-sex marriage. – I personally pray that The People stick with traditional marriage. But only time will tell.

– Stan Way

If you would like to read more about what I believe about the divine institution of marriage, you can do so by clicking here.

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5 thoughts on “My Personal Views on Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Savannah on said:

    Stan, thank you for so eloquently expressing what I believe as well. It is so hard to put into words the fact that, as Christians, we do not (or at least I do not) have hatred or disrespect for those who have different lifestyles than we believe in. At the same time, however, because of our Christian belief system, we cannot and do not support a legal same sex marriage. (I am not a writer, as evidenced by this post.) Your post made it clearer even for me, since I couldn’t find the words to explain it.
    Sadly though, many will point fingers and accuse us of hatred for being against it. They will not bother to try to understand where we are coming from.

  2. Brad on said:

    I only partially disagree – I think marriage has two similar definitions, one more religious in nature, and one legal. Were we to change the nomenclature for the legal acknowledgement of married or united persons to something like, “enjoined”, then I think everyone would be happier. Whether or not a religion decides to marry persons from the LGBT community is up to that church, but whether someone has a marriage ceremony or a simple civil union, they would be considered “enjoined” by the state, and heterosexual or homosexual, the couples would be granted the same rights, freedoms and liberties.

    Now, I am not a Latter Day Saint, but as far as I understand the practices of the Mormon faith, the scriptures are open to interpretation by each adult, so they can follow a path of purity and goodness; yes, you may hold marriage sacred, but when you think about what that sacrament is, the eternal joining of two people in love, then anybody getting married is a good thing, as they can share that love with others. We have the opportunity to foster that love, and help it grow from beyond the two married persons and spread out into the world. I think any methods to help propagate love and tolerance would be following His will, but it’s not up to me, it’s up to all of you to decide that for yourselves.

    Either way, this was a well-written article. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope you will continue to love and respect your brothers and sisters in humanity, and urge others to follow such humanistic ideologies.

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  4. It goes beyond that. Out of a marriage comes children and FAMILY. The same thing that Stan so eloquently stated says in part: “family is central to the creators plan.” A family consists of a father and mother. Children need both; the nurturing that comes from women and the rest from the father. I do not wish to get into an attack, but IF Prop 8 is declared unconstitutional, then what lies next? The polygamists are watching this with great eagerness as a way to overturn polygamy. And who knows what other things could result from this. Perhaps churches could under attack (verbally and physically) for standing to the principles of righteousness. I don’t know.

    I appreciate Stan’s thoughts on this too.

  5. This is what I think about it: Our Heavenly Father will never let a man and a man or a woman or a woman marry in our temples. We should respect that they want to be married, and that it would be completely legal. Not a sacred ceremony, but legal. I don’t really care what they do. I care that they get their rights. I care that they’re treated equally, but if they want to get married, great – I hope that they stay faithful to one another and adopt children that don’t have parents. That would be wonderful. But at the end of the day, I just think of as that they won’t ever have the sacred, spiritual, meaningful marriage ceremony that I will have in the temple. I’ll be sad that they won’t be able to have that amazing marriage for eternity that I’m going to have, and I hope that one day, the gospel reaches them and they’ll realize, “Yeah, Marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman.” But when focusing on a marriage, the only one you should be focused on is your own, or your future marriage. Not the marriages the media is shoving down our throats. Not the marriages that your lesbian neighbors across the street want to have. Not your gay friend on facebook wants to have. Your own. And I believe that loving our brothers and sisters off the path is the only thing that we can do right now.

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