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Political Neutrality: The Official Stance of Mormonism

A week ago the LDS Newsroom released this video explaining the Church’s official stance when it comes to politics. I think it is highly beneficial for any Latter-day Saint to watch considering the added attention the Church is getting right now due to Mitt Romney’s candidacy.

From my own branch’s pulpit I have often heard political references made to certain parties and individuals in the past. In Sunday School Classes and Priesthood Quorums I have heard repeated comments concerning party politics. And frankly, it has saddened me that when it comes to politics many Latter-day Saints cannot keep themselves from teaching their opinions as if they were doctrine in the Church.

Granted, I’m a loudmouth, but I have a blog on which to spew my rants, raves, and highly honored opinions. A Gospel Doctrine Lesson is not the place to discuss healthcare reform or what you think about the current President of the United States. So with that being said, I just hope that all of us remember how we are supposed to act when it comes to politics at church.

If you can’t behave yourself, you have my greatest love and empathy because I relate to you as a loudmouth, but perhaps you should just skip attending meetings until this whole Mitt Romney thing blows over. – Let’s be honest though, that’s not going to happen anytime soon… – So maybe you should just keep your mouth shut.

Feel free to come and sit with me in a Gospel Doctrine Lesson. I’ll be the one sitting on my hands and red in the face trying not to tell others to zip it.

Your pal,

Stan Way

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