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Rescuing Others

The Lord is My Shepherd by Simon Dewey

My second mission president was emphatic in his teaching us missionaries about the importance of seeking out the less active members of the congregations in which we served. When he had been set apart as a mission president by President Monson, then the First Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church, President Monson had told him of the countless members on the records of the Church in the Seattle area that no longer attended. It was our job to rescue them.

The symbolism of the Lord being our shepherd and herding us in like sheep is powerful when you consider all of the nuances of meaning. That there are many, countless many even, who reside in our own wards and branches is a fact. I remember the first time I was called a ward clerk we had nearly 430 members on our rosters, yet we only had an average sacrament meeting attendance of 73. The fact that I had 19 home teaching families to visit each month before I served my mission was good training ground for seeking out the lost in Seattle.

Did I hit each family each and every month as a young elder? No. But did I try? Yes. Because the joy of seeing someone come and feel the love of the Savior is a feeling that cannot truly be put into words.

Today our good friends over at the Mormon Channel put out this new video. Please take a couple of moments to enjoy it:

“The birds that I rescue are a bit like the people out there. They’re injured and they need to be rescued.”

Perhaps we can all be good friends like John was to George. Perhaps as you watched this video the Spirit whispered someone’s name to you that you could go and rescue. And what might you share when you go out and speak to the person you’ve been prompted to visit? Maybe you could share the love of the Savior…

I absolutely love George’s words in that video:

“Christ…became my personal buddy. He became my best friend, and He still is today. I’ve let Him down many a time, but He’s never let me down. And I know for a fact He never will, and He’s there for anyone who wants Him.”

Jesus Christ is there. He’s there for you. He’s there for me. He’s there for everyone.

It’s our job, as His disciples, to go out and rescue His lost sheep. We may get muddy as we hike up and down the glens of the world to share the good news of the Gospel. We may get lost ourselves as we try to persist in the principles of the Lord’s Plan of Happiness. But as we hike into the darkness to find the one who is lost, we have the promise of The One who is guiding us that it’s for a just cause.

Go to the rescue. The Lord needs you, and so do so many of our Heavenly Father’s children.

I hope we can pass by one another in our travels…

Your friend,


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