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Tests and Trials

This evening I saw this video and just wanted to take a moment to share it with y’all.

I hope you’ll take a few moments out of your busy schedule to learn from the example of this truly amazing family.

Three sentences from these exemplary Saints especially touched me. The first reminded me of the importance of having an eternal perspective.

“God has a plan for you, and you can spend your life fighting against it, and what your mission or your job is here on earth. Or, you can help. You can help the Lord complete what He brought you down here to do.”

– Sterling Wyatt

The second personally moving sentence came from Sterling and Christian’s grandfather.

“In our ancestry we’ve had people that joined the Church and gave up inheritances and came across the plains, and walked and struggled to get here. And I’ve looked back at it and thought, ‘What will I tell those people when I meet them if I didn’t do it?’ – That it was too hard, or I was too busy, or it cost too much money?”

– Paul Wyatt

And the final sentence regarding eternal perspective and family.

“It…makes us realize what’s important and that we are an eternal family, and no matter what difficulties or challenges we have we can work together, and we might have to carry some of them part of the way, but we’re gonna make it together.”

– Amie Wyatt

Yes, we all have tests and trials in our lives, but I’m thankful for the fine examples of every-day people like the Wyatts who remind us that we can all make it through anything with faith and by holding onto the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are not alone, and as a family of Saints we may have to help carry others to the finish line, but what is important is that we all make it there together.

I look forward to seeing each of you there.

Your pal,


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