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Apply the Atoning Blood of Christ

Elder Neal A. Maxwell was a spiritual giant, the likes of which was so unique we may never see in mortality again. But his words of truth and eloquent teaching style are eternal.

This is one of my favorite of his General Conference talks…I hope you enjoy.

“Mortality presents us with numerous opportunities to become more Christlike: first, by coping successfully with those of life’s challenges which are “common to man[kind]” (1 Cor. 10:13). In addition, there are also our customized trials such as experiencing illness, aloneness, persecution, betrayal, irony, poverty, false witness, unreciprocated love, et cetera. If endured well now, “all these things” can be for our good and can “greatly enlarge the soul,” including an enlarged capacity for joy (D&C 122:7D&C 121:42). Meek suffering often does the excavating necessary for that enlarging! My admiration goes to my many spiritual superiors who so exemplify for us all. In the world to come, to these, the most faithful, our generous Father will give “all that [He] hath” (D&C 84:38). Brothers and sisters, there isn’t any more!”

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One thought on “Apply the Atoning Blood of Christ

  1. Thank you for posting this, it helps make my morning bright and clear, and help me feel humble and focus on our Saviors sacrifice as Christmas approach. Now I’m looking forward to my day with a heart full of gratitude to our dear Savior who hang on the cross to save us from death.

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