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The Story of the Conference Center Pulpit

I’m a big fan of the Mormon Channel. If I could buy a big foam finger to wave around in people’s faces that said “Mormon Channel #1” on it, I would. Each morning I try to listen as I’m getting ready for the day. When I’m shopping I’ll often slip in some ear buds and listen on my phone. And each night when I’ve finally worn myself out I will alternate between the Mormon Channel app and the General Conference app to listen to something while drifting away into dreamland.

Recently the ongoing show Conversations did an interview with Elder Ben B. Banks of the Seventy. I commend the entire show to your enjoyment. However, if you watch/listen to just a part, I would recommend this part.

We’ve all heard the story of the Conference Center pulpit. But this account is especially touching and insightful.

I hope you enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “The Story of the Conference Center Pulpit

  1. tommie on said:

    I’ve awoken early this morning(A little after 2 am)And remembered that I wanted to spend some Time, reading and praying with the study materials of this 120 day lesson.I hadnt been able too last evening, having fell a sleep shortly after arriving home From a long exhausting day.Just as the tree that became the center pulpiybut had many little blushes shoot off from its main being i am finding that this 120 day lesson also has the same.How strongly I am reminded that the littlest things we do as exemptlified by the planting of a tree can produce a harvest that we at the time never imagined.Glory and Praise to the works of Our Heavenly Father, and Jesus the Christ !

  2. Hey. It’s “ZHeatherChamp” from Twitter. I’m glad I found your blog to follow. :) Look forward to updates. :)

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