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That Silly Holy Ghost…

This is going to be kind of personal. So beware, if you’re not in the mood for sappy whatnot, I recommend you click elsewhere online.

So here it goes…

The Holy Ghost testifies of truth and guides us into all truth (John 16:13). That’s pretty simple. We can all understand that. And I’ve always appreciated that.

As a missionary I loved when Preach My Gospel was released and in the second line of the first principle of the first lesson there was this nugget of gospel doctrine gold:

“[God] has a body of flesh and bone that is glorified and perfected.”

Now to the rest of Christendom that might sound crazy. In fact, most people when they hear that and understand what was being said will throw up a barrier and want to discuss the Trinity at great lengths. However, to the pure in heart, those prepared to enter into the House of Israel, that is truth. And the Lord has prepared His missionaries’ manual to start off right from the get-go to weed out the pure in heart from the not pure in heart. – It’s a beautiful thing! – Because that way missionaries can find out in their first teaching interaction with someone whether or not they are ready or receptive to recognizing pure spiritual truth.

I digress though…

The Holy Ghost testifies of truth, and this past weekend with General Conference was like having Truth Bomb after Truth Bomb exploding in a spiritual sense all around me. – “Get more converted!” “Prepare to raise your children right!” Feed my sheep!” – The Lord and His servants did a wonderful job at teaching and edifying us at General Conference. The Spirit was in great abundance.

As Sunday ended and Monday began I was blessed to enjoy a day of reflection and reviewed much of what I had heard in my head. From Elder Cook’s stirring call to repentance to President Monson’s final invitations to be better, there had been many great things said. But Elder Richard G. Scott’s words kept coming to mind. More specifically, Elder Scott’s reference to his “beloved wife” Jeanene…

Now any casual observer of Elder Scott’s recent conference addresses would soon find a theme. That theme being: Elder Scott loves his wife.

And not just a little bit. But a lot. Like a whole lot. Like an “oh my goodness he’s like a teenage boy in love” kind of a lot.

I admire that. I hope and pray that one day I might have that. Every marriage should be so blessed.

Even though there weren’t the typical calls to the Young Single Adults of the Church to get married this past weekend, I’ve felt the Spirit speaking to me rather strongly in the realm of the “beloved wife” kind of business. Perhaps Elder Scott’s fleeting reference to his eternal companion have prompted the promptings. Or perhaps I’m going crazy. But either way they’ve been constant.

“Get married Stan.”

The thought has popped into my head incessantly all week.

“What?!” I thought to myself the first few times the impression came. “Silly thoughts,” I would think, and I would move onto to thinking of something else…

A few moments later…

“Get married Stan.”

“Umm, there’s not really any young ladies in my neck of the woods,” I heard myself saying defensively to the spiritual nudgings occurring within my own head.

“Put yourself where you can get married Stan.”

Then I would throw my hands up in silent exasperation as if to argue with the silence anyone else would have saw and heard.

I would go on ignoring the thoughts I heard so emphatically, only a few minutes later to hear,

“Get married Stan.”

My eyebrows would furrow in frustration.

“And how am I supposed to just do that?” I could hear my own self saying.

“You’ll know what to do…Get married Stan,” the impression has said matter of factly.

Perhaps it hasn’t been just Elder Scott’s fine example of being such a rockstar husband apostle that have prompted these promptings though.

As we left the church Saturday afternoon, each to go to find some sort of lunch to partake of, my branch president followed me to my car. As his car full of folks was waiting on him to go and grab some grub he stood in the church’s parking lot with me to encourage me to “take the next step in life”. Sunday evening one of our missionaries tried to use the commitment pattern, promising blessings and all, if I would commit to finding a wife. In the past few months I’ve knelt in prayer with various brethren who have all been my priesthood leaders, and each time I’ve heard them invoke the blessings of heaven upon my efforts to find an eternal companion.

But this week I’ve heard the resounding message loud and clear.

It’s not that I’m a sinner. It’s not like I am trying to not get married. In fact, I have gone out of my way to try to settle down and stop being a menace to Mormon society (as good Brother Brigham would say). But I’m abundantly cautious.

But that silly Holy Ghost just has a way touching folks. He teaches truth. He testifies of truth. He guides us unto all truth…

“Get married Stan.”

So, dear future wife wherever you might be, just know that I’m looking for you, praying for you, and striving each day to be the best man I can be for you and our future family.

It looks like I have some repenting to do, and obviously some searching to do too…

– Stan

President Monson kisses Sister Monson while entering a session of General Conference. – How can that not inspire someone to want to get married?

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7 thoughts on “That Silly Holy Ghost…

  1. Oh man, good things are gonna’ be happening for you Stan! I have not, as yet, received any such thing. For me, it’s been the prompting to keep serving and put the Lord first, and then some girl distracts me and I go for it, then it turns out she was not the best person. It’s funny how my lesson right now is trust and patience and yours is, “move on buddy!” I’m kind of envious of that.

  2. maybe moving to UT is your answer? Best of luck in this journey, its not easy , that’s for sure!

  3. 321lily on said:

    I’d say you are one very blessed man to be coached by a sacred Being, Who’s been preparing your heart and your mind and now proceeds to inform you that you are ready-or that the time is near. As you are already familiar with His voice, may your footsteps be sure and sound as you seek to fulfill the direction so freely given you. And may you indeed find that which your heart most desires. That sweet photo of our Prophet says it all. : )

  4. hopeforheather on said:

    What an outstanding post and I mean that truly. :) PS love that pic!

  5. on said:

    I think the most relevant thing you said, quoting the spirit, was,”put yourself where you can get married.” I guess now you just have to figure out where that is and then act upon it. It’s that pesky doing something about it that’s always so difficult. But if you don’t act now and instead put off till later what should happen now, an opportunity could be lost forever and it could take a while for opportunity to come around again. The short and sweet of it, get off your booty and do what The Lord wants…no matter if it makes you feel like you’re gonna have a panic attack because the timing is not right. Once the spirit’s spoken, now is the time.

  6. Thank you all for your thoughts and insights!

    Aaron, I feel much the same as you. I feel like part of serving the Lord fully in my life is finding that woman who is committed to Christ and His gospel. I’m sure you feel the same.

    Stacie, I think a trek to “Zion” may very well fix my current challenges. I believe great things are in the works in that regard…

    Lily and Heather, thank you again for your kindness. And yes, that picture of the prophet does say it all! I love it too.

    And Renee, you are very wise. “Get off your booty and do what the Lord wants.” – That should be on a t-shirt somewhere. I like it.

    Honestly, I am at a loss of what the next step is in this process. I just know I need to do something … Just haven’t figured out what that “something” is yet … Haha.

  7. Las Vegas has some pretty single girls. And 12 YSA Wards that I can think of. And none of the guys here date, so I don’t think you’ll have any problems…

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