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On Being Alone

Sometimes we all feel alone.

It’s Friday night, almost 9PM, and I’ve been wishing I were asleep for the past three hours.

Yes my friends, that is my epically eventful Friday night.

I’ll give it a moment for it to sink in for you. Y’know, so you can get jealous and everything.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Okay, now that you’re in deep envy of my night, I shall procede.

My comments a couple of night ago about wanting to get married brought an interesting couple of days for me.

Y’see, I can follow the traffic on my blog. I can see how many people look at it, where they click, and a host of other super-cyber-stalky things. (Yeah, more reasons to be jealous of me…) I’ve always been curious, “Who are these readers?” And what has always made me more curiouser (yes, I’m using that word) is that nobody ever seems to comment. Cyber visitors come from near and far, by the dozens and sometimes even hundreds each day. They come in for a good visit, read a variety of things on my site, then after having used me like a Taco Bell napkin, they move on in their cyber journeys without so much as even saying a word of “Howdy”, or to leave a “You are a terrible speller” comment.

I’ve come to find some of my readers though.

Some Facebook messaged me. A couple of them (who I personally know) texted me with words of wisdom. I had great conversations with friends and family from Miami to Seattle, and Saginaw to San Antonio. Some random guy from Vermont (Hey Kevin!) even emailed my blog’s email address just to say that he felt like it was time to get married too. My readers, for the most part, seem to be young folks like me. The Young Single Adults of the Church who have stumbled upon some random ramblings from their fellow sojourner in life. Kevin for instance is a returned missionary. He’s temple worthy. The couple of emails we’ve exchanged have made him seem like a great guy (and a terrific speller!). But he can’t seem to find a young lady with whom he can share a zeal for the Gospel with. He (like myself) watched General Conference with the hopes last weekend that some random YSA girl might stumble into his chapel and it would be love at first site.

Kevin and I both sat through ten hours of sermons and no such ladies appeared.

So much for crazy wishes…

I’ve come to realize I’m not alone in this quest for love and marriage though.

Yes, I’m the only active YSA guy in a fifty mile radius, but I’m not alone.

And yes, it is Friday night and I’m whining about being alone. But once again, I’m not alone.

Y’see, I have the Lord. And He provided a great comfort for me on the nights like this when my options are to hang out with my “friends” at a local (hillbilly) bar or sit at home and read an old book.

I imagine I’m going to be putting a lot of miles on my ol’ car Jamarcus (yes, that’s his name; don’t make fun, it hurts his feelings) if I am going to be getting married, because first I have to find this gal. Or recognize who this gal is if I already know her. Or maybe I’ll need to walk to Canada, Guatemala, and Machu Picchu before I find her. I’m up for the exercise. But who really knows how it’ll all come about?

Perhaps only the Lord.

But tonight, because I know she’s out there, I chose to stay at home and keep myself worthy for the day when I get to take her to the temple. Perhaps she’ll even dream a little dream of me tonight…

And that alone makes me feel not so alone.

I hope wherever you are you’re having a terrific Friday night.

I’m going to go finish my book.


More ramblings about dating from me.

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7 thoughts on “On Being Alone

  1. Mr. Way,
    You’re a stud. Enough said.

  2. Hey man. You are super cool and I want to be your friend! Friend request me on Facebook bro! Peace!

  3. on said:

    Machu picchu, now that would be a place to go. It’s beautiful there, at least in the pictures. You should just go there any way for a visit without looking for a girl. Then take l

  4. WOW. You know, there are SO many Singles in my stake who could write this entire post yet from the woman’s perspective. I’m not sure if that makes any diff (ha) but I hope it does. Many, many, MANY, worthy girls in my neck of the woods do the exact same thing on their Friday nights.

    (And not that I’m bragging or anything, but I got to see Mr. B in concert 2x.) :)

  5. Tom #1, you sir are a stud! And I miss you by the way. We should catch up some time. I hope life is treating you and your wonderful wife well.

    Tom #2, I dig the cover photo on Facebook. We should indeed be friends.

    Renee, I’ve heard there are a lot of LDS down in that area. So if I’m walking to Machu Picchu, then I am definitely going to take some time out to learn a whole new language and find a wife (if you’re going to dream, dream big).

    And Heather, I always love hearing your feedback. I am sure there are countless YSA in the Church who struggle with lots of nights alone. Perhaps I’m the only one goofy enough to be sharing my innermost intimate thoughts with the world? I’m just going to keep on keeping on (as my grandpa would say) and keep going until I find the one.

    And yes, I’m a tad jealous that you got to see Mr. Bubbly in concert. He’s got a real talent.

  6. Randy Hoffman on said:

    Maybe it’s time to seek an advanced degree at a school out west. You will probably have a little more luck finding an zealous YSA girl that lives less than 50 miles away from your house. I would add that working at Church HQ, I see plenty of women, older and younger, who are not married. Sometimes it makes me want to hunt down every YSA guy in the Church who isn’t dating when he could be, slap him across the face, and scream, “You’re not getting any younger!” I’m not trying to put anyone down, it just kills me to see so many not dating who could be. Love you, brother!

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