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Come, All Hands Are Needed

Of all of the Church messages that have been produced recently, perhaps this one epitomizes the call of the Savior the best via those simple words from Mother Teresa:

“Come, all hands are needed.”

There is no doubt in my mind that each of us, within our own divine selves and using our own unique personalities, have the abilities to create figurative Asha Ashram Orphanages for others in our lives.

Said Cécile,

“There’s so much that we can do. And it’s the little things, the little things we do that bring the most joy to people. Once I figured that out – I just wanted to make people happy.”

And most importantly,

“I never would have imagined I could do something like this. I’m just an ordinary person who tried to do something extraordinary.”

God bless Cécile Pelous.

And my God bless each of us that as ordinary every day individuals we might have the courage to try extraordinary things in our lives.

Your pal,


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One thought on “Come, All Hands Are Needed

  1. Heather on said:

    I really like this video! Love the blog .Made my morning.

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