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Fort Collins Colorado Temple Rendering Released

The official rendering of the Fort Collins Colorado Temple.

Earlier today I was at work and noticed the little blue indicator light on my phone was blinking. I casually grabbed my phone thinking it would be a text message from a friend or an email telling me I was selected for a MacArthur Grant (a man can always dream), but instead found a notification which read:

Official Rendering of the Fort Collins Colorado Temple Released

Excitedly I read the article and admired the picture of what this House of the Lord will look like.

In his opening remarks at the Church’s 181st Annual General Conference, President Thomas S. Monson announced that Fort Collins, Colorado would be the location of one of three new temples announced that morning. The location of the second temple of the Church to be built in Colorado, Fort Collins is situated 57 miles north of the state’s capital of Denver. Over the past 18 months numerous residential, city, and county commission meetings have been held to receive community input, change zoning ordinances, and annex the temple property into the City of Fort Collins.

Sitting at 4,917 feet above sea level, the Fort Collins Colorado Temple will sit atop a gently rising ridge in a suburban residential community known as the Westchase neighborhood. Preliminary plans for the temple property show that the single-level temple will be approximately 26,600 square feet, include a 100-foot spire, 274 parking spaces, and a residence for the temple president and matron to be built south of the temple.

Conceptual plans for the Fort Collins Colorado Temple Site as provided by Landmark Engineering in a public meeting in the fall of 2011.

Worth noting is the fountain that will sit directly east of the temple’s main entry door, a common theme in many of the temples announced since President Monson has became President of the Church, and plans to use existing trees in the landscaping of the temple grounds.

According to the Church Almanac there are approximately 140,000 members in the state, and the first congregation of the Church in Colorado was organized in January 1897. The new temple is expected to serve Latter-day Saints living in northern Colorado, southern Wyoming, and western Nebraska who currently travel to attend the temples in Denver and Billings, Montana.

As stated in today’s official press release:

“Latter-day Saint temples differ from the meetinghouses or chapels where members meet for Sunday worship services. Temples are considered “houses of the Lord” where Christ’s teachings are reaffirmed through baptism and other ordinances that unite families for eternity. In the temple, Church members learn more about the purpose of life and make covenants to follow Jesus Christ and serve their fellow man.”

Today the blinky blue indicator light on my phone brought me something far greater than a casual text message, it showed me what a soon to be built temple will look like. As I sat in my desk chair at work I felt a bit of joy knowing that my fellow saints in northern Colorado were one step closer to seeing their new temple, but I am sure that their joy far exceeds mine today.

In the coming months and years those few acres in Fort Collins will be transformed, and will become a place of great rejoicing and happiness as individuals and families are brought one ordinance at a time closer to Jesus Christ. With 168 temples operating, announced, or under construction, it’s a beautiful thing to see Zion literally putting on her strength. And truly every time a temple is built we can say within ourselves, “Holiness to the Lord”.


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One thought on “Fort Collins Colorado Temple Rendering Released

  1. Lindsey on said:

    It is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I have only recently come to have such a great love for temples. They’ve always been awesome, but I’ve learned more about how powerful, pure, and beautiful they are. It really is AWEsome.

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