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Jimmy Fallon and Hurricane Sandy

As dawn broke today across the east coast there was devastation everywhere. Lives have been lost. There are tens of billions of dollars in damages. At one point today nearly 8 Million of my fellow Americans were without power.

In truth, I’m beyond words to convey the sadness I feel for those who are suffering today.

With New York City being hit by Hurricane Sandy we have witnessed not just a closing of Broadway and many tapings for popular television shows, but also the historic closing of Wall Street, the financial nucleus of the entire world.

But a couple of folks continued on last night…

Good for Jimmy Fallon for trying to keep the laughs going in a time of true crisis.

No matter how bad things may seem, it’s important to remember to laugh and remember that things will get better.

God bless a man who tries to make others laugh when it’s hard to find things to laugh about.

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One thought on “Jimmy Fallon and Hurricane Sandy

  1. I used to be a big fan of Jimmy Kimmel and saw a few live shows of his…but one day…I’d like to see this Jimmy instead. :)

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