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The Caravan Moves On

Elder Bruce R. McConkie speaking in General Conference in October of 1984.

This weekend was a spiritual feast.

It was the 30th Semi-Annual Stake Conference of the Bessemer Alabama Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I wish I could share every line of every talk that was given over the past two days with all of you. The counsel given in our stake priesthood leadership training was phenomenal. The guidance provided in the adult session was enriching. And this morning’s final testimonies and talks were tremendous. However, the counsel the Lord gave via the Holy Ghost to my stake is just that: Counsel to my stake. So it would be improper for me to share those things with the world at large.

However, I will share this one gem.

In last night’s adult session one of the counselors in our stake presidency took as a guideline for his text Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s talk “The Caravan Moves On”. – If you’ve never read this talk, you should do so RIGHT NOW by clicking here. – I am a big fan of prophets and apostles. Frankly, I think they’re really neat folks. The keys they hold inspire me, and what will enable us all one day to return to our Heavenly Father. What amazes me about prophets is the manner in which they teach as their time in this mortal life draws near to an end. Some of my favorite words in all of holy writ are right before a prophet ends writing or edges closer to death’s door. From Genesis to Revelation, 1 Nephi to Moroni, and from the Prophet Joseph Smith through President Gordon B. Hinckley, the final teachings of prophets just rock! It’s as if they know their mortal ministry is drawing to a close and they’re attempting to give the purest, strongest, most stirring teachings they’ve ever given to those under their stewardship. And that’s how it is with this talk by Elder McConkie.

Yes, I’m a big fan of “The Purifying Power of Gethsemane” which was Elder McConkie’s final talk ever in General Conference, given shortly before his death, but I think we often overlook his prophetic teachings from just six months earlier. “The Caravan Moves On” is a simple talk which asks stirring questions, much like the Prophet Alma does in Alma 5.

I will not ruin it for you. You should experience it for yourself.

As I heard it narrated and delivered in its own unique way to the members of my stake this weekend though, it reminded me of how timeless true principles really are. How thankful I am to live in this dispensation and at this time.

So go ahead and click the link above and read it, or click on the video below and watch it, and enjoy this General Conference classic.

You’ll be glad you did.

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