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Preparing For Marriage

I hadn’t noticed until a friend pointed out the other day, but despite my best efforts to not turn into one of those deeply personal bloggers who bares his whole soul to the world, I have done just that. And obviously on numerous occasions. It appears that when I start thinking about marriage I just can’t help myself from getting all ooey gooey and becoming the sappiest of the sapsters and publishing my feelings to the world. (You can see evidence of my sappiness here, here, here, and here.)

“You might as well be a teenage girl crushing on Justin Bieber,” my friend said as we talked.

Justin Bieber?! Ouch. That cut deep.

So I rebutted in the best way I knew how.

“You’re mean. And you’re off the Christmas List,” I stated categorically. Yes, I really know how to punish people good.

“Face it Stan. You’re going to be 40, unmarried, and have a trailer full of cats,” he continued.

Oddly, the Justin Bieber remark seemed more hurtful. So I countered my friend’s good ribbing.

“Look, I’m only 28, I’m working on it. And I dislike both trailers and cats.”

Obviously it’s a good thing that I’m not a defense attorney.

My conversation with my friend was just another useful reminder that it’s time to get married. Truthfully it would be as easy for me to say it’s time to build a pyramid. Both statements present challenges for which I am ill prepared. I lack the most critical component needed when desiring a marriage, namely someone to get married to. And I lack 3 ton limestone blocks or skills to hoist them; so I suppose the pyramid idea isn’t going to get far off the ground. But I suppose either is possible if you’re looking for a miracle.

This is something I’ve put a lot of effort into lately. I’ve made a categorical study of marriage. The kind of man I need to be. The kind of woman I should be looking for. I’ve read my scriptures. I’ve pondered. I’ve fasted. I’ve prayed. I’ve gone to the temple and at times in the celestial room I’ve wanted to raise my hands to the heavens and say, “Hey! Yeah! It’s me again! I’m begging for some help here in the relationship department!” But each time I was about to get out the “Hey!” some elderly sister in white would give me that look that only a mother (or a temple worker) could give, letting me know that I need to keep it quiet.

Tonight I decided I was going to skip the marriage study though. – After all, you can only read about others’ eternal happiness so many times before you just want to chew on tinfoil to distract yourself from the fact that you’re single. – I figured I’d just read some Isaiah or something before falling asleep. So I got online and decided to waste a few minutes. After sitting down at my desk I opened my Google Chrome Window and decided that maybe I would browse for books at Deseret Book’s website. Christmas shopping is nearly here, and I figured I could maybe find a couple of good gifts for some people.

As soon as I got to the page I saw this:

I got excited because Elder David A. Bednar’s talks and writings have a profound way of touching and teaching me personally. I clicked on the advertisement, read a little bit, clicked on another page and ended up on a different page watching YouTube videos of Elder Bednar teaching groups of people. It was great. I was going through each video on the page individually until I saw the title of one…

Preparing for Marriage: An Invitation

And I knew I might as well give up.

I watched the video. And I was touched at how gracious my Heavenly Father is in trying to teach me, even when I’m a stubborn student.  Even when trying to run away from the lessons I need the most, the Lord had a different plan in store for my evening. It was a true tender mercy.

Yes, the Lord has been impressing upon me more and more lately that it’s time to get married. Or, if nothing else, at least time to work really hard at getting married. If you clicked the links at the beginning of this blog post you’ve already seen how sappy I can be. So here’s to hoping that I do find an eternal companion in the near future…

Because I’m afraid of what the next year’s worth of blog posts could be like if I don’t get hitched soon.

Stan Way

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2 thoughts on “Preparing For Marriage

  1. I love Elder Bednar. He has the spiritual gift of teaching, and his advice is priceless. Just ASK Heavenly Father what you should do personally, and be ready and willing to listen and ACT upon His promptings. She’s out there, Stan – and she’s worth whatever it’s going to take for you to find her.

  2. When I read the “40 and cat” phrase….I almost fell over!

    You don’t know my life!

    HAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. :) j/k. But in all seriousness…as what Mormon Soprano says…I’ve been doing the same thing kinda. Asking the Lord what I can do…He knows my heart. He knows my desire. He also knows my current situation. I ask what would “He have me do”…then I try to do just that. :)

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