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Having Thanksgiving Daily

A phrase I’ve seen shared often on social media.

Today, like most of you state-side folks, I enjoyed family, food, and a day off of work to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

There’s a part of me that’s always wanted the “traditional” Thanksgiving: My family dressed nicely, sitting around a dining room table, and each of us taking turns sharing what we’re thankful for in life.

This is far from what my day was like. My family is anything but traditional, and tshirts and workboots were the main attire to our Thanksgiving feast. But as I hugged and kissed my stepfather’s first wife goodbye this afternoon (yes, you read that right), I realized just how blessed I am to know the people I know in life. I am very thankful and grateful that I got to go to my brother’s home, enjoy great food, and be with people I care for dearly. Perhaps one day in the future I can break out a new cardigan with my future family and give thanks in a Better Homes and Gardens kind of way, but I hope to keep some of the southern charm (workboots and all) no matter where I end up in life.

This morning as I rattled off the usual “Good morning God” kind of prayer though, I did take a few moments to meditate on the things that I truly am thankful for in life. Heavenly Father has truly blessed me in so many ways that I am entirely without words to convey His loving kindness. And the phrase came to mind that I’ve seen shared so often on social media lately,

“What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today.”

It’s a deep thought, and although rather unlikely, it is something to consider as we go through everyday life.

President Monson recently urged us in General Conference to consider the blessings we enjoy in our daily lives. I likewise invite you to take a few minutes this evening before you retire for the night (or get ready to go out and shop) and consider the many blessings you enjoy in your life, and then thank your Father in Heaven for them. Live in a spirit of thanksgiving daily. I promise that as you do so a deeper feeling of gratitude will be with you and in your home as we enter this magical time of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving all y’all! Wherever you are, from Seattle and Salt Lake, to Michigan and Mississippi, and from Hong Kong to Switzerland, I am thankful for each and every one of you. My interactions with you have deepened my life, and I am truly thankful for you all.


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  1. Love your blog. Hope to hear more.

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