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My Job Comes With Benefits

A snapshot of my Annual Charitable Cash

A snapshot of my Annual Charitable Cash Contributions Official Tax Summary Statement.

“The Church provided no goods or services in consideration, in whole or in part, for the contributions detailed below but only intangible religious benefits.”

Earlier today I came home to find a nifty little letter from Salt Lake City. It was a list of my contributions to the Church during the year 2012 which can be used for when I file my taxes.

I just liked that snippet at the top, and it brought this phrase to mind from The Book of Mormon:

“For every man receiveth wages of him whom he listeth to obey…”

– Alma 3:27

My Master was very merciful when He hired me on to become His disciple. And although the work He’s called me to do is overwhelming in scope, relentless in in its demands, and truly leaves me physically tired at the end of each day, the wages I receive are literally out of this world.

Tithing, Fast Offerings, and a few bucks here and there to the other Church programs are monetarily nothing when compared to the monumental blessings I receive in return.

Malachi asks, “Will a man rob God?” when talking about those who don’t pay their tithing to the Lord. But I think the better question would be, “Will a man rob himself?”

For tax purposes I understand that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has to put “intangible religious benefits” on an official tax document. However, the blessings I see in my life are tangible, real, and endless.

My job as disciple of Christ comes with some real great benefits.

I’m already looking forward to my retirement.


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