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A Gay Mormon Comes Out

Earlier this week Jimmy Hales, a faithful Latter-day Saint and returned Mormon missionary, published the video above on YouTube. In the video Jimmy comes out to his mother, his brother, his college roommates, his friends, his mission companion,  and even his old high school friends. He comes out in English. He comes out in Mandarin (he served a Mandarin-language Mormon mission in Australia). And he even comes out once in sign language.

His sister quizzes him asking, “Are you bisexual?”

“No I’m not,” he responds. Then, checking to see if there is anything at all that Jimmy likes about women, his sister asks stretchingly, “Not even boobs?!”

“I am done with boobs,” he says flatly.

His mother’s response is priceless, several others are awkward, and many, including his brother who could not stop laughing (and is about to leave for the Church as a missionary), are heartwarming.

Jimmy Hales' profile page which links from his personal blog.

Jimmy Hales’ profile page which links from his personal blog.

A couple months ago The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came out with an official church website,, which adopts a more conciliatory tone toward gay men and women than many Latter-day Saints have heard in the past. Official Church doctrine has not changed, but in the last year, a handful of gay Mormons have very publicly declared their intentions to live as both gay and Mormon.

“People have reached out with love and understanding and empathy.”

– Jimmy Hales

Last year I wrote about a historic open forum at BYU with a panel of gay members of the Church, and I believe that now more than ever the message is loud and clear:

Gay Mormons, you are not alone!

Everyone in life has different personality traits, struggles, temptations, gifts, talents, and dreams. We are all unique and we are all God’s children. The trick is to figure out how to navigate this silly world while still maintaining a high level of respect, dignity, and love for those around us.

Jimmy Hales has chosen a brave life as an open Gay Mormon.

Here’s to hoping that he will now be just as loved and accepted in the household of faith as he ever was before.



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