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The Newly Called Alabama Birmingham Mission President: Richard D. Hanks

Elizabeth W. and Richard D. Hanks. - Photo from LDS Church News.

Elizabeth W. and Richard D. Hanks. – Photo from LDS Church News.

With yesterday’s exciting announcement of 58 new missions being created world-wide, the Church also publicly listed nearly all of the new mission presidents who will begin service this summer with their wives.

Here in the great state of Alabama we will be welcoming Richard Duff Hanks, 52, and his wife Elizabeth Ann Winters Hanks. According the Church News the Hanks have three children, and currently live in the Holladay 8th Ward in the Salt Lake Holladay South Stake.

Prior to being called to serve as president of the Alabama Birmingham Mission Brother Hanks served as Chairman and President of Mindshare Technologies, a leading provider of real-time customer and employee feedback solutions. According to Mindshare’s website their “proprietary survey technology captures the voice of the customer in real-time and immediately transforms it into actionable intelligence through powerful and incisive enterprise reporting.”

Mr. Hanks was also a senior executive of several Fortune 500 companies as well as several start-up ventures. He was a corporate officer at Marriott, an executive with PepsiCo and Price Waterhouse, and CEO of Blue Step, a software start-up. Rich, as he is commonly called by his friends and family, was named “The Leading Sales Innovator in the Lodging Industry,” and Marriott’s sales team was rated one of the top 25 among all companies in the U.S. for four years under his leadership. Rich also led Marriott onto the Internet, prompting Bill Gates to refer to him as an “Important Internet champion” in his book Business “@ the Speed of Thought“.

That’s right, Bill Gates gave a shout out to the guy. So he has to be pretty awesome.

Earlier in his career, Rich was called the “Leader of Hotel Revenue Management and Strategy” for his leadership in hotel pricing and yield management. He is also a CPA. Rich was nominated as Utah Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001, 2007, and 2008.

Richard D. Hanks is the author of “Delivering and Measuring Customer Service” (which you can purchase on Amazon by clicking here), in the past has been a frequent teacher/speaker at trade, academic and professional gatherings, and has been widely quoted in top business journals and trade publications. Brother Hanks was also a lecturer and adjunct professor at Cornell University for 10 years and on the Board of the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and his MBA from Northwestern University.

Currently Brother Hanks is a stake institute teacher. He has also served as a stake executive secretary, high councilor, bishop, bishopric counselor, mission preparation teacher, and missionary in the Scotland Edinburgh Mission. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Marion Duff and Maxine Christensen Hanks. Brother Hanks’ father, Elder Marion D. Hanks served in the First Council of the Seventy, as an Assistant to the Twelve (a calling which no longer exists), in the First Quorum of the Seventy, and in the Presidency of the First Quorum of Seventy. Elder Hanks was only 31 years old when first called as a General Authority in 1953, and raised his family, including Brother Hanks, during his many years of full-time service in the Church.

Sister Hanks is a gospel doctrine teacher and former ward Relief Society president and counselor, ward Primary teacher, ward young single adult advisor, and ward Young Women leader and teacher. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Richard Keith and Mary Nebeker Winters.

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2 thoughts on “The Newly Called Alabama Birmingham Mission President: Richard D. Hanks

  1. I used to be in the Holladay 8th ward, Bishop Hanks and his wife and family are amazing people! I am so excited for your mission to have them. I’m sure you will love them as well.

  2. Tony Caputo on said:

    I have known Rich since we were companions on our mission in Scotland over 30 years ago, he and his wife will make tremendous leaders in Alabama, I wish them all the best.

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