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Waste Not Want Not

Last night I got only about four hours of sleep. This has been a common occurrence lately in my life due to various reasons. So today when I got home after work and after attending a funeral, I felt that a deserved a good nap. I wasn’t overly tired, but decided I needed the rest so as to “not get behind” on my sleep. I took a four hour nap and woke up feeling more tired than before, and like I had wasted away my day.

“There are so many productive things I could have been doing,” I thought to myself as I stumbled to find a bottle of water to wet my dry mouth when I woke up. And then I categorically went through the list of things to do, people I need to call, and visits I should schedule with our full-time missionaries. After a couple of moments of inventorying my time I thought, “Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Everyone deserves a nap now and then.” But my mind went back to our beloved former stake president who was released just a couple of months ago. In our final priesthood leadership training meeting with him, and then again in the Saturday evening session of his final stake conference with us, he admonished us to “serve through the tiredness”. He then shared multiple stories of being tired beyond physical explanation, but being guided by the Holy Spirit to help others.

As I pondered those words I said a silent prayer to be a stronger person physically to be able to accomplish all that is set before me each day.

A few moments ago as I sat down in my chair to study my scriptures I was cross referencing and searching for something I am currently working on when the Lord mercifully brought these words to my view:

“Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes,and thou shalt be satisfied with bread.”

– Proverbs 20:19

The Lord, in His loving kindness and gentle way, essentially said to me, “Stan, I’ve got a lot for you to do buddy, and you’re not going to accomplish it with your eyes shut.”

It was a reminder to me of just how intimately aware the Lord is of our daily lives, our actions, and even our simple silent prayers.

I needn’t waste my time on things that don’t matter, because obviously the Lord has some “bread” for me if I’ll just open my eyes and keep serving.

So here’s to skipping a nap the next time you’re feeling a little sleepy, there’s a lot you could be doing to bless other people’s lives.


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2 thoughts on “Waste Not Want Not

  1. You are spot on on HOW the Lord knows our lives. He knows. I forget that a lot…and feel like I have to force solutions.

    All I have to do it release my grasp. Breathe. And thank Him.

  2. I think all of us try to control every aspect of our life so much that we forget that the Lord is there to help us, teach us, guide us, even in the mundane little things. It was such a loving feeling though when I read that verse tonight. It was like the Lord was, in the gentlest way possible, telling me that I’d used my time unwisely.

    He knows us better than we know ourselves.

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