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This Is My Life

A Tweet from earlier this evening.

A Tweet from earlier this evening.

On Tuesday of this week I approached my office manager and my company’s owner asking what it would take to get off a few minutes early today. We only work one Saturday a month for four hours. It’s mandatory. And missing it is not optional. I’m pretty sure you have to sell your kidney on the black market to get out of it. But I realized if I were going to have any chance of making it to the temple for our regional YSA baptismal trip today, I would have to leave work early.

“Soooo….,” I started slowly as I approached my bosses during a break the other day. I drug out the word for so long they both turned around in their desk chairs and looked at me cautiously.

“What would I have to do to get off about twenty minutes early on Saturday?”

Their faces were sullen and I felt like a kid who had asked to stay out late past curfew.

“What for?” my office manager asked with a stern look on her face.

“It’s for a church thing,” I said. I could have lied and made some extravagant excuse, but lying for Jesus? Yeah, not my style.

She kept the stern look on her face and turned to the owner of our small company. They exchanged an unspoken converstaion. Then she quickly smiled and said, “Sure. I figured it was for a church thing.”

My kidneys were safe after all.

And I was reminded again of how nice the Lord has been to give me a job that fits my ever increasingly busy life.

It was King Benjamin who shared these iconic words:

“I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”

– Mosiah 2:17

I love those words and have taken them as a personal mantra for my life.

The temple was a great experience. Somehow we ended up with so many Melchizedek Priesthood holders that I ended up being the funny guy out, and I actually ended up getting baptized and doing confirmations instead of serving somewhere else. I haven’t been “dunked” in the temple since June 12, 2003…not that I’m keeping track or anything…So it was a nice experience. At least for me. The poor skinny guy who was doing the actual baptizing I felt bad for. As I stepped into the font, all 235 pounds of me, I smiled at him and said, “I’ll make sure to bend my knees as much as possible.”

I only heard him strain to get me back up once out of the water. What a rockstar.

A nice lunch with fellow YSA followed in the neighboring chapel, and as I was walking back to my car I read the following email subject line on my phone:

WML Conference Call Tomorrow

“Grrrrreeeat,” I said sarcastically to myself before even opening the email and sitting down in my car. I knew that meant the fellow unit mission leaders in my stake and I would be getting trained by our stake president, which is an awesome thing, but I also knew it would probably conflict with something else. With being a branch mission leader and  a YSA representative my hat is always full of things to do.

I clicked the email and saw that it did conflict,  and I quickly reshuffled my sabbath schedule in my mind.

My sabbaths start off my weeks like it’s a mad dash to celestial glory. Right out of the gate I’m running, literally (and often late) to a series of meetings, classes, visits, teaching appointments, blessings, etc. before coming home long enough to grab a bite to eat (sometimes) and make my way towards Birmingham for our stake’s YSA Family Home Evening. If someone were to clock my speed “coming out of the gate” for this figurative race to celestial glory I would definitely be towards the front of the pack. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays follow a similar pattern to Sunday, only instead of sitting in uncomfortable chairs in church meetings I’m sitting in my uncomfortable desk chair at work. On Wednesdays our office closes early (thank Heavens!) and I do get to do my weekly laundry. By Thursdays when I get home and realize I don’t have somewhere to be, I often get a text or phone call asking me to be somewhere else. And by Friday, when I should be going on a date and trying to get married, in the words of a famous Disney character, “I’m too pooped to poop.” By the end of the week, if it were literally a race and if celestial glory were achieved by crossing a white Finish Line, I would be lucky to crawl to the finish with my bloodied stubs of leg dragging behind me.

Too graphic?…Yeah, well, that’s how I feel sometimes.

This is my life. I love it. And I would have it no other way.

But sometimes, on nights like tonight when I’m doing my laundry (because the elders needed to visit with me on Wednesday during “laundry time”), I wish I just had a little extra time to find that special someone and fall in love so that she could join this hectic life of service with me.

That would be awesome. And that’s really the only qualification I have for the future Mrs. Way:

That she wants to serve the Lord.

And that she understands I want to also. Everything else will fall into place after that. I’m rather simplistic in my priorities. And I know that she’s out there somewhere…

But right now, I have laundry to fold.

So in the meantime, I’ll just keep running (late) to my YSA meetings (and every other meeting) and hope that she finds me attractive when we do meet, even if there are big black circles under my eyes.


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