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Earlier this week I got an email from the member of our stake high council who is over missionary work. In it I was invited, as our branch mission leader, to attend the zone conference of the missionaries serving in our stake in the Alabama Birmingham Mission of the church.

Today was that zone conference.

I wish I had words to fully convey how I truly feel in regards to the things I heard, learned, felt, and saw today. Today was a scared day. And not just because I attended some extra church meeting, but because I had a great realization of how blessed my life really is.

My greatest friends, fondest memories, deepest love, and most hopeful dreams all revolve around the reality of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. When I wake up in the mornings I pray, as Nephi directed, and consecrate my every coming action of the day to the building up of the kingdom of God on earth. I ask that my words might be the words that God would have me say, that my hands might perform the labors that would be most beneficial, that my eyes may focus only on worthy and holy things, that my feet might carry me where the Lord would have me go, and that even my thoughts might be reflective upon the things which might be of most benefit to myself, my family, my callings, and the world in general. I have consecrated myself, my times, my talents, and my everything. To use the worldly vernacular, I am “all in”. And I love it.

I am blessed to hear of, witness, and even on occasion be part of sacred miracles in the Lord’s work. Not because I am more holy, more righteous, or a better person than anyone else in the world. But I suppose because the Lord is merciful enough to show me just how awesome He really is and He is in very deed in charge of His church.

There are never enough hours in the day to do small acts of service, make visits, phone calls, write letters, or share the Savior’s love with those whom I know. But I pray to God that each and every day of my life might be literally worn out in service to Him.

Sometimes I honestly feel I am the most blessed man in the entire world.

The Church is true. Christ lives. And miracles happen each and every day. If we watch closely we can see them. And if we pray sincerely we might be a part of them. This is my testimony.


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One thought on “Miracles

  1. I’ve had the blessing of being at the Tampa Mission Christmas Zone Conference last year. It truly was a life changing experience. So many missionaries in one place – the Spirit was so strong it was practically tangible. I was very much humbled and changed. Miracles indeed.

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